The Kuehne + Nagel Engine Logistics Academy has been established to train and certify global staff dealing with engines. Based on the regulations identified we have developed a training programme for our employees across different business units. With 24/7 global coverage, our global team of highly skilled and certified professionals use their know-how to implement, monitor and deliver your specialised shipment needs.

All KN EngineChain training is found, monitored and documented in the KN EngineChain Academy. Each training module will end with a test requiring a pass rate of 75% and each trainee will receive a module certificate. Trainings will be re-assessed every 2 years.

Training summary covering the whole supply chain process

  • Training records in single IT system
  • Validation test at the end of training 
  • Refresher training every two years
  • Live training with engines
    - In storage facility or with customer (where possible)
    - Training modules

Content Covered

  • AAE: Aerospace Engine Handling Logistics
  • AAEH: Aerospace Engine Handling

- AAEHT: Aerospace Engine Handling Truck
- AAEHA: Aerospace Engine Handling Air
- AAEHS: Aerospace Engine Handling Sea
- AAEHW: Aerospace Engine Handling Warehouse Storage

  • AAET: Aerospace Engine Type
  • AAEV: Aerospace Engine Sales