Mapping the future direction of logistics.

We only use approved carriers to ensure your shipments arrive on time and undamaged. The physical movement of all shipments is overseen via the Cargo iQ process. If required, our innovative active sensor technology can monitor in-transit and in real-time any required physical shipment parameter (currently temperature, humidity, battery voltage, GPS position and shock is available).

Global 24 hour door-to-door track and trace is provided by our web-based KN Login application, enabling both you and our staff to view:

  • Planned and actual shipment status Scanned copies of critical shipment documentation
  • Physical shipment parameters in real time (only when an active sensor is included with the shipment)
  • Temperature and voltage levels of an active temperature-controlled ULD at predefined key milestones

When using active sensors, configurable alarms allow a proactive response to any deviation to prevent any adverse effect on the product quality.

Example of KN PharmaChain shipment of pharmaceuticals from Indianapolis to Singapore