Improve the efficiency of your reusable and returnable assets with a modular and scalable asset management solution. 

If you use, rent, lease, or own a pool of assets, or you want to start using reusable and returnable assets, we can provide a bespoke solution designed to meet your current and future requirements.

Our range of Services

Total Asset Management

  • Complete utilisation of Kuehne + Nagel’s integrated suite of services.
  • KN AssetControl – software solution developed to manage all of your asset movements and activities throughout the end-to-end supply chain.
  • Hygienic Asset Washing & Waste Recycling – nationwide washing & recycling centre network.
  • Asset Stock Counting – nationwide team of auditors.
  • National Asset Control Centre – central control tower service.
  • Delivery of environmental targets by washing and re-using assets, reducing single trip packaging & reducing transport miles.
  • Removal of asset losses and other preventable asset charges – profit protection & loss prevention.
  • Revenue generation through asset use to obtain maximum return on investment.

KN AssetControl

  • Asset management software solution developed to manage all of your asset movements and activities throughout the end-to-end supply chain.
  • Control asset availability, loss, damage, misuse and excess stock holding.
  • Software As A Service (SaaS) cloud based system – no additional software/hardware set-up, use your existing internet ready computers.
  • Track all movements of assets to, from and within your supply chain.
  • Enables simple dispute management by having the information readily available – no more incorrect charges made against you.
  • Obtain management information reporting and forecast future requirements.
  • Limits your asset replacement costs due to you having a controlled pool.
  • Reduces your overall costs for asset procurement, usage and management.

Hygienic Asset Washing & Waste Recycling

  • High pressure washing and sanitisation of assets.
  • Market leading sanitiser provides bacterial barrier technology up to 30 days from initial wash.
  • Continuous Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) hygiene swab testing, plus regular independent microbiological hygiene testing.
  • Extensive wash site network across the UK & Ireland. Ability to source and set-up new wash sites or manage existing wash operations.
  • Removal of risk and liability by preventing asset and product contamination.
  • Asset repair, waste management and recycling services (food, plastic, cardboard, etc.).
  • Reduction of overall operating costs.

Asset Stock Counting

  • European coverage (other countries on request).
  • Experienced auditors will visit your supply chain locations to carry out physical asset stock counts.
  • Auditing and reconciliation against expected stock levels.
  • Identification of stock variances (gains and losses).
  • Asset damage and unauthorised use identification.
  • On-site review of asset handling controls.
  • Recommendations to reduce asset management risks

National Asset Control Centre

  • Control centre colleagues plan and direct all stakeholder asset movements and activities across the entire supply chain.
  • Single point of contact for stakeholders (clients, client suppliers, distribution centres, retail stores, carriers, wash sites, recycling centres, manufacturers and many more).
  • Assets tracked to and from all locations.
  • Audit data from field-based auditors analysed and reconciled centrally.
  • Reporting and analysis for all stakeholders.
  • Customer focused service from proactive and passionate colleagues.
  • Enhancing communication and collaboration across the supply chain.

Asset Examples

  • Wooden Pallets, Plastic Pallets & Pallet Lids
  • Crates, Trays & Totes (Stacked, Nested, Collapsible & Lidded)
  • Roll Cages, Bulk Shippers & Bulk Bins
  • Fish Boxes, Bread Trays, Beer Kegs & Keg Trays
  • IBC’s, Pallecons & Drums
  • Flower Buckets, Procona Containers & Q-Box Containers
  • Bottle Trays & Bottle Partitions
  • Plastic Dollies & Merchandising Units
  • All Containers for Food, Non-food, Electrical, Automotive, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Items