We combine warehousing of goods with intelligent transport solutions and a broad range of various value-added services. A worldwide uniform information system ensures seamless information exchange.  

Tailored to your business, we provide different warehouse logistics solutions for you.

Our range of Services:

Shared/Multi-User Warehousing

Kuehne + Nagel undertakes the fulfilment for several customers in one warehouse.

  • Demanding logistics performance in a flexible environment
  • Variable cost structure
  • Payment only of services used
  • Placement of goods close to customer
  • Fast market access/exit
  • Comprehensive value-added services such as product packaging, co-manufacturing, set building, display construction

Dedicated Warehousing

A warehouse is available for specifically one customer.    

  • Individual supply chain solutions adapted to your specific customer demands
  • Customer-specific warehouse planning
  • Optimum material flow
  • Excellent customer service
  • Variabilization of fixed costs
  • Experienced project teams