Our industry solution experts have in-depth knowledge of our six focus industries. We know the challenges of your industry’s supply chain and how to tackle them. This enables us to design, implement and manage solutions for your company's needs, faster and more efficient.


Best components availability and minimum inventory through lean transportation management tailored to inbound, outbound and aftermarket of upstream tiers, airframers, airlines and MROs. SkylogistiX offers specialised solutions for the management of inflight equipment and products.

  • Inbound to factory
  • Aftermarket spare parts
  • Inflight logistics

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Rationalised global supply chains as a result of real-time dynamic transportation management and visibility to solve the most complex inbound, inter-factory and distribution challenges of upstream tiers, OEMs and car manufacturers considering regional constraints.


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Integrated Logistics offers solutions to create durable cost and cash savings while improving delivery performance to increase competitiveness, responsiveness and end customer satisfaction.

  • Inbound to Factory 
  • End-to-end Logistics Management

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End-to-end supply chain optimisation facilitated by a global Logistics Control Centre infrastructure, enabling and orchestrating the perfect collaboration of all involved supply chain partners. This allows clients to reduce inventories, lower distribution costs and speed up new product market introductions.

  • Direct ship
  • Reverse Logistics

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Solutions reducing complexity and total cost while increasing on-time-in-full performance and creating end-to-end visibility. Our organically grown infrastructure constitutes an ideal backbone to further rationalise and standardise global operations, enabling agile operational decisions.

  • Inbound to factory
  • Intra-plant logistics
  • Outbound to end customer

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Pharma & Healthcare

The offering focuses on diagnostics and pharmaceuticals. It enables companies to improve their level of regulatory compliance, to protect goods and to achieve synergies through collaboration.

  • Primary distribution

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