3 February 2020

What’s next post-Brexit?

On Friday 31 January, the UK left the European Union. So what does that mean for trade and for your Customers?

We are now in a transition period, which gives us until 31 December 2020 to determine trade laws and continue negotiations with the EU. During the transition period, current EU laws around customs, VAT, and excise duty still stand.

We will find out more about whether we can establish a Free Trade Deal with the EU, and what the terms might look like, over the coming months. This timeline gives you an indication of what the next year could look like.


What can Kuehne + Nagel do for me?

With a direct link to the UK Government, Kuehne + Nagel is best placed to support you and your Customers through the Transition Period and beyond.

Our experienced Brexit team is continuing to prepare, led by National Customs and Trade Control Director Mark Johnson. Mark shares regular news via his blog and email updates, and is a key influencer for policymakers at the heart of the Government.

Does this mean I don’t need to do anything?

Not quite – we still need to prepare, and this Transition Period brings the perfect opportunity.

To keep your goods moving when we reach the end of the year, you can:

Thank you for your engagement and support in our preparation, and if you have any questions please speak to your Kuehne + Nagel contact or submit a query here.


As always, I hope this information proves to be useful.