18 February 2019: EU safety and Security requirements post Brexit

One of the biggest transportation challenges we will see in the post-Brexit world is the need for the EU Safety and Security (EU S&S) declaration for all imports from the EU to the UK.

Currently, the requirements will be:

- The EU S&S declaration to be completed and submitted for every consignment on every trailer exiting the EU and arriving in the UK.

- On exports, the EU S&S declaration is covered by the Export Administrative Document (EAD), but on import it is not. In the event of a ‘Day 1 No Deal’ this separated declaration needs to be completed 2 hours before arriving at the ferry and 1 hour before arriving at the train.

- The original data requirement for the EU S&S for imports to the UK had 44 data fields to be filled out, which has now been reduced to 22 data fields.

Representatives from HMRC and the Border Delivery Group have been challenging the Government to remove this whole requirement and secure a waiver, similar to the process followed in Switzerland. Whilst the challenge has been relentless, the complete waiver has not been achieved. However, it has been announced today by HMRC that a 6 month phasing-in period has been offered to remove the need to have this completed in the event of a ‘Day 1 No Deal’ on 29 March. This 6 month phasing-in period will last until the Autumn of 2019, (most likely October). This will offer a longer time to find a solution that works for the industry and the country.