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Border Operating Model

As per yesterday's news - 13 July - the UK Government has published the long awaited Border Operating Model (BOM).

This document provides all the detail around the border operating requirements in the event that the UK and the EU do not negotiate a UK/EU Free Trade Agreement.
Click here to read the full document on the Government website.
This document has been developed in line with the staged approach that the government announced on the 12 June 2020. The phasing is:
•    Stage 1 – from 1 January 2021
•    Stage 2 – from 1 April 2021
•    Stage 3 – from 1 July 2021
In addition, the UK Government has also produced a step-by-step guide to importing and exporting, which you can access below:
•    Step-by-step guide to imports
•    Step-by-step guide to exports
Although this details the requirements if we do not have a negotiated UK/EU Free Trade Agreement, it is important to note that regardless of whether an Agreement is in place or not, there will still be a need for customs declarations from 1 January 2021. The only difference if we have negotiated a UK/EU Free Trade Agreement could be the how, the where and the when these need to be completed.

As always, I hope this information proves to be useful.