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Work with a cold chain partner who understands the unique requirements of perishable items and ensures they are delivered on time and in optimal condition.

Fresh food and flowers are life’s simple pleasures. They bring a smile to everyone’s face. 

As demand for fresh products grows, companies that can provide quality products with a long shelf-life have an advantage. However, achieving this can be challenging. Perishable products are fragile and require fast transportation. Quality matters, that’s why you need to ensure a strict cold chain throughout the entire journey to preserve freshness and taste. When shipments cross borders, all regulations must be followed to ensure the process is as smooth and fast as possible.

Safe and efficient transportation for temperature-sensitive cargo

By working with a reliable and experienced logistics partner you can ensure your customers receive your products in the best possible condition. At Kuehne+Nagel, our Perishables teams provide safe and efficient transportation of your temperature-sensitive cargo to your exact specifications. Whether you’re shipping fruits, fresh products and frozen seafood and meat by sea or air freight, our solutions ensure that your temperature-sensitive products arrive on time and in optimal condition.

Your benefits:

  • Safe and compliant international transportation from source to table
  • Optimum transit times and transportation modes for maximum product protection
  • Deep expertise in different perishable commodities to the smallest details of local and international legislation
  • Door-to-door real-time visibility to monitor and steer your supply chain
  • Handling in accordance with KN FreshChain, Kuehne+Nagel’s global quality and safety standard

Today's consumers expect fresh products to always be available, right at their fingertips. Kuehne+Nagel helps you to live up to those expectations.

Explore our perishables offerings

flowers and plants

Flowers and plants

Our specialist teams ensure your customers receive their products in the best possible condition with optimal vase life.

Fish and seafood

Reach your markets on time and safely with customised solutions from fish and seafood specialists.

fruit and vegetables

Fruit and vegetables

Lock in a long shelf-life for your fruit and vegetables by partnering with cold chain specialists for packaging, transport and storage of these sensitive perishable items.


Keep your food fresh, safe and tasty by working with a cold chain specialist who understands the unique requirements of your perishable items. 

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