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Increasing performance while staying cost-efficient is a major indicator of an optimised supply chain. With a smart partnership, you also ensure sustainable business practices integration.

For fulfilment and distribution, balancing cost-efficiency with performance tick one box in a long list of a competitive supply chain criteria. 

But what about flexibility when your business grows and transforms? Or when the market forces you to adapt? You need your supply chain to be agile, cost-efficient and yet, still offering a performance quality that meets your business needs in two, five, or even ten years down the road.

As a long-term partner collaborating with great companies for decades, our aim is creating exactly these kinds of innovative solutions—flexible and highly efficient. We base our service design and collaborative decision-making on data to truly optimise your warehousing and distribution. Moreover, leveraging our leading automation technologies in fufilment improves accuracy by reducing human error, provides visibility for comprehensive control, and decreases operational costs.

At a glance: products and services

  • Dedicated and shared fulfilment operations
  • Distribution and last mile delivery solutions
  • In-plant solutions
  • Inventory and order management
  • Packaging services
  • Returns management
  • Waste management
  • Customs services
  • Quality inspections and assurance
  • Value-added services

Fulfilment and distribution solutions for your industry

We are specialised in delivering customised end-to-end supply chain solutions for companies in healthcare, technology, consumer and e-commerce.



GxP-compliant and temperature controlled fulfilment and distribution solutions.

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Consumer and E-commerce

Consumer and E-commerce

Omnichannel logistics for consumer electronics, fashion, retail and luxury brands.

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Technology industries

Technology industries

Warehousing and distribution solutions for Automotive, Industrial, High-Tech and Aerospace companies.

Experts at handling big numbers

46,000 supply chain professionals in 44 countries are designing, implementing and operating fulfilment and distribution services tailored to the success of each customer. That’s 650+ customers in different industries worldwide working in a trusted, supply chain partnership. 

fulfilment centres, more than 10 million sqm in operation

renewable electricity at our fulfilment centres

highly automated fulfilment centres worldwide operated primarily with robotics

At your side – yesterday, today, and tomorrow

At your side are warehousing, fulfilment and distribution experts designing resilient solutions that continue to fulfil your promises to your customers. And in a market environment strategically moving toward a sustainable future, this requires nothing short of well-rounded fulfilment products and services.  

Engaged logistics expert

Engaged logistics experts

Meet the people behind the solutions.

Digitalisation and automation in logistics

Digitalisation and automation

Keep your logistics at the forefront. 

Sustaniable logistic

Sustainable future

Our commitment to you for a sustainable future.