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Brexit end of transition: Trader support and trading with NI

The UK Government ramps up preparations for the end of the Brexit Transition Period.

On the 30 September 2020, we sent you a communication about the announcement of the new Free to use new Trader Support Service (TSS) that the UK Government are implementing for traders moving goods under the Northern Ireland Protocol, including between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
To continue to trade goods from Great Britain to Northern Ireland you will require to have a 
Northern Ireland EORI Number, known as a XI EORI. 
The purpose of this direct communication is to advise you that if you register and sign-up your organisation to the TSS and have done this by the 23 November 2020, you will then be auto-enrolled to receive a XI EORI number.  
On that basis, we would recommend that you register and sign-up for Trader Support Services (TSS) as soon as possible by following this link.