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Post Brexit News: Webinars for importers

Webinars for importers of food and drink products from the EU to Great Britain to be provided by the UK Government as from 1 April 2021.

Please be informed that the UK Government are providing webinars specifically for importers who are importing food and drink, including composite food and fishery products from the EU to Great Britain (GB) and what changes are happening as from 1 April 2021, Stage two of the UK Governments Brexit implementation after 1 January 2021.


You’ll need to follow new rules on importing the following products from the EU to GB from 1 April 2021:


  • Food and drink that are products of animal origin for human consumption (POAO), such as meat, fish and dairy

  • Composite food products which contain animal products

  • Fishery products


To facilitate the understanding of the new rules the UK Government are hosting a series of free webinars in February and March.


For the details of these and which one will be applicable to your product types please click here.


As always, I hope this information is informative and therefore useful for those trading in this area