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Brexit News - January 2021

The UK Government ramps up preparations for the end of the Brexit Transition Period.

Thank you for your ongoing business and patience over the last week. We are still executing hundreds of shipments through the border, both import and export. We have not paused and we have control across our network. We have some delays due to customs queries but the network is strong. We are helping our customers to get the best result in this difficult situation and transit times are improving daily. 

Our aim at all times is to ensure compliance for both your business and our own to avoid any unnecessary delays or fines. We experienced a blend of issues last week that were mainly related to the quality of information we were receiving and the subsequent impact that has on the quality of the data in our dedicated IT solution. I am pleased to share that we have now put steps in place to deal with concerns and rectified the majority of issues with our customers. 

We have invested in over 150 new team members to bolster our established team of highly skilled customs experts. Like you, we are dealing with a fast moving and complex situation with the added complication of the national lockdown. We have now brought in additional resource to ensure that we can keep your goods moving in the coming weeks.

We are asking all of our customers to help us ensure the smooth execution of their shipments by:

  • Ensuring that you have all the correct information on the commercial invoice.  This is the number one reason for delays. The commercial invoice also needs to be usable for our team to translate into detail on the customs entry. If a commercial invoice is longer than three pages and commodity codes are repeated on multiple lines then our team need to perform manual calculations.  In this situation please provide a summary document to minimise delays to your shipment because this helps prevent any human errors. We are able to provide examples/ templates if you require any guidance.
  • Thinking about the entire supply chain of your shipment – how to get your shipment out of the country and to have it delivered safely and swiftly in a compliant manner. This means the consignee POA is required. As a minimum we need the name, phone number and email address of your contact as the consignee. If you can share this at booking we can ensure smooth delivery with confidence and we will store for all future shipments to limit your admin.
  • Looking out for any emails from our Freight Account Managers requesting additional information and responding quickly so that we can keep goods moving.

We appreciate your patience so far. Many shipments travelled through the border seamlessly and we are working hard to make sure that this happens every time.

If you have any questions or concerns then please do not hesitate to contact your Freight Manager who will be happy to help.

Eleanor Edmonds - Director, Road Logistics, UK

Mark Johnson - National Customs and Trade Control Director