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Customs & Trade Compliance Consultancy and Advisory Services

By acting as an extension of your business our Customs & Trade Compliance team can help you ensure you meet this critical and integral aspect of your international trade.

Our consultancy service is provided by our hugely experienced team. They have in-depth knowledge covering all areas of Customs and Trade Compliance across multiple industries.

Our expert team will work with you to provide a clear perspective on both your strategic and day-to-day Customs & Trade Compliance. We will:

  • Offer you simple solutions and analysis that help you understand the complexities of international trade and spot any gaps you may have.

  • Help you map and control your Customs & Trade Compliance activities, mitigating risks and identifying opportunities.

  • Provide you with both strategic and operational advice and solutions that offer you practical solutions to Customs & Trade Compliance matters.


Consultancy and Advisory Services:


  • Customs & Trade Compliance Scorecard: This offers you a quantifiable, interactive and visual guide to all your Customs & Trade Compliance activities. We gather information from across your business and simply and accurately project that into a compliance score in a simple format. The Scorecard identifies areas of concern or risk in your Customs & Trade Compliance activity and recommends improvements. Mitigation of risk, enhancing procedures and identifying opportunities can be targeted using our outcome report and action plan.

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  • Post Brexit Scorecard: This offers you a quantifiable, interactive and visual guide to all your Customs & Trade Compliance activities that may be impacted by Brexit. We gather  information from across your business and accurately project that into a Brexit-readiness score in a easy format. It identifies any Brexit risks you may have and how and where you can best mitigate them, including any actions you need to take.

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  • AEO Gap Analysis program: This will test your current preparedness for HMRC’s Authorised Economic Operator program, and goes some way to meeting the detailed requirements of the AEO self-assessment and application process. Our analysis identifies areas of concern or risk in your business activities, where any gaps may be, and recommends improvements. We can also provide support throughout the AEO application, review and authorisation process.

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  • HS Classification Service: We can review and classify your full product range in the UK and most global markets. This helps you understand your duty & tax obligations and costs; helps identify risks and opportunities, helps you meet legal obligations and helps offer you predictability and uniformity in your costs and prices in any market desired.

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  • Market Entry Data: You may face challenges supplying items to new markets and destinations. Through our worldwide network, we can provide inside knowledge to you when you wish to enter foreign markets; offering you advice and guidance. We help you identify issues and requirements in-country and to deal with the challenges they pose; across all Customs and Trade Compliance activity.

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  • Retention Pack: This provides you with an ongoing advice and information service; supported by our Customs & Trade Compliance experts on a monthly retained service. Our  Help Line can provide updates on important Customs & Trade Compliance issues, and we can also answer any ad-hoc Customs & Trade Compliance queries or concerns you may have.

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  • Audit Support and Post Implementation Reviews: You may face audits from a variety of government agencies; most usually HM Revenue and Customs or Border Force in the UK. Kuehne+Nagel are able to provide you with full support on all Customs and Trade Compliance audits, enquiries and general matters

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  • ​​​​​​Detailed Health-Check: This is essentially a highly detailed version of our Scorecard. It looks in the same areas but in greater detail and with highly-targeted precision. It provides you with: a comprehensive view of all your Customs & Trade Compliance activities; and presents detailed identification of risks, actions and recommendations to ensure you have complete Customs & Trade Compliance controls in place.

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  • ​​​​​​Footprint Analysis: A straightforward, visual, easy-to-understand snapshot of your overall Customs and Trade Compliance activity. It gives you a single-page, board-level view on your imports and exports and your current preparedness around Customs and Trade Compliance.

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  • Training & Awareness: Kuehne+Nagel offers you a comprehensive range of Training and Awareness packages allowing you to embed the role of compliance into your day-to-day operation. They allow your employees to be aware of, and understand, Customs and Trade Compliance issues that impact both the business and them.

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Your Industry Contact

Tania Buist

Tania Buist

Trade Compliance Manager and UK – Training & Services

T: +44 (0)141 842 3929 / M: +44 (0)7976 682180

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Our service offers an alternative for Customs and Trade Compliance matters to the “Big 4” accountancy and consultancy firms. We can also support you with practical support and guidance in International Supply chains.

Following our evaluation, we will present the following back to you;

  • An overview of your Customs & Trade Compliance activity, including a Customs & Trade Compliance “Scorecard” that offers a substantive view of all your Customs & Trade Compliance activities

  • Gaps we have identified in your Customs & Trade Compliance activities.

  • Transactional & procedural audits of your Customs & Trade Compliance activities, with recommendations.

  • Data and solutions specific to your needs

  • Potential opportunities we have identified to mitigate Customs & Trade Compliance risks and maximise Customs & Trade Compliance savings and opportunities.

Not only can our Trade Compliance experts save you time and money, we are also committed to sharing our knowledge of this complex subject with your team.