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null End of the transition - staged approached

After a period with relatively few updates, it seems that the news on the Brexit Transition Period progress is picking back up again.

Here are some headlines on what has been announced recently, which you can read in detail here:

  • The UK Government has formally notified the European Union that it will neither accept nor seek any extension to the Transition Period.
  • At the end of the Transition Period (1 Jan 2021), border controls for EU goods imported into England, Wales, and Scotland will be introduced in stages to give you more time to prepare. The Government will also be increasing the infrastructure at the borders to enable checks to be carried out, as well as providing £50 million of grants for customs intermediaries, traders, and hauliers that make customs declarations.

This approach is only for trade between the EU and Great Britain (Wales, England, and Scotland). The flow of trade between Northern Ireland and Ireland, or Northern Ireland and Great Britain is covered by the Withdrawal Agreement.
Northern Ireland Protocol