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Keep your UK imports moving: Get ready for the next stage of Brexit

We want to make sure that your goods keep moving and you play an important role in this.

The next Brexit-related changes will come into force as of 1 January 2022. The current easement of delaying import customs declarations by six months will end.

To avoid unnecessary disruptions at the border, you as the European shipper or the UK importer, as well as your business partners should know which changes are involved and what is required of you.

Key changes as of 1 January 2022

  • The UK importer must complete full UK import customs declarations prior to the European departure. Deferred clearances are no longer possible.

  • To facilitate border clearance, the UK government introduces the GVMS (Goods Vehicle Movement Service), which links the import declaration information of each consignment to a specific vehicle/trailer. This way, the driver of a vehicle/trailer only has to present at the border a single Goods Movement Reference (GMR) number for all loaded goods. To enable this, carriers or freight forwarders must book all shipments with GVMS and get a valid GMR prior to the European departure. If you instruct Kuehne+Nagel as your freight forwarder, we will take care of this procedure for an additional fee.

Why is this relevant for you?

Without a valid GMR, vehicles will get stuck at the port of departure, delaying all shipments that are under the carrier or freight forwarder’s responsibility. Therefore, unfortunately, we cannot accept or process your booking until all the required customs information is complete.

We recommend that you contact your business partner – either the shipper or the importer – to ensure that this information is known. In this context, please also do not miss to grant us the necessary authorisations so that we can process your declarations before the changes come into place as of 1 January 2022.

  • Access the requirements for the European shipper here.
  • Access the requirements for the UK importer here.

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For further guidance, we recommend you watch the recording of "The Brexit Journey Continues: Changes as of 1 January 20222" ​​​​​​​ webinar, where customs experts explain the upcoming changes and share their latest insights on the topic.