Keeping your goods moving post-Brexit

Customers are the heart of our business, and you need to know that we have spent years preparing for Brexit. During the transition period, we will keep you informed on developments from the heart of the Government.

The UK has now formally left the Customs Union, with a transition period until December 31 2020.

Despite the recently ratified withdrawal agreement, every consignment to and from the UK will be subject to customs declarations after the end of the transition period.

Our UK Brexit team, formed of experts from across our business, is here to support you through the transition. The team has three main work streams:

  • Our customers; to support you through the transition when the UK leaves the EU and beyond.
  • Our colleagues; to inform, support and guide our people on potential requirements and to continue to invest in them.
  • Our suppliers; to continue developing partnerships for a mutually beneficial outlook

We are staying close to the UK government, attending events and using our expertise to support preparation.

We know uncertainty is worrying, but we are confident that our global network and years of experience mean that we're best placed to support you.

Customs & Trade Compliance - Brexit Scorecard: are you ready?

Do you need support preparing for Brexit?

Our Customs & Trade Compliance Scorecard offers a high-level quick, interactive and visual guide to your overall Customs engagement. Information is gathered from your business’ supply chain and an easy-to-understand assessment is produced.

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