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null CILT Award for Freight Transport

The Kuehne+Nagel Sea Logistics team have a spring in their step today having won the Freight Transport CILT Award for Excellence, recognising their outstanding achievement in response to the Economic and Supply Chain Disruption during 2020.

The on-going ‘ripples’ associated with Covid have arguably triggered the greatest fluctuations, in Container Management, experienced in the past 60 years. Kuehne+Nagel responded by focussing efforts on a providing access to a range of accelerating and decelerating solutions - that could be quickly and robustly deployed right the way along the supply chain.

Galvanising experts from across the organisation, using world class expertise, systems and processes and customer feedback, the team designed a consolidated suite of solutions.

The model developed allowed customers to review all the solutions Kuehne+Nagel had access to and what would be the impact of each on their supply chain: working with over 40 of our customers to give them access to a blend of 14 accelerating and decelerating solutions helping design and prioritise their supply chains to overcome the obstacles

Tim Standen, Kuehne+Nagel International Supply Chain Europe Director commented: “We’re delighted to win this award and so proud of the role our Kuehne+Nagel colleagues have played in helping keep our customers supply moving. We continue to put our ethos of collaborative, agile and responsive supply chain design at the heart of our service. The pandemic has forced everyone out of an almost metronomic mindset in terms of how a global supply chain operates. It is time to reflect on that adaptability, interconnectivity and interdependency and ensure it continues. Now we can all look forward to the future - without trepidation and fear, but with excitement and entrepreneurialism.”