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Integrated logistics to manage your supply chain

The term 4PL - or fourth party logistics - is often used by logistics providers to refer to a totally managed (or outsourced) supply chain. Typically, this would see a logistics provider manage suppliers of other services on a customer’s behalf, such as carriers or forwarders.


Worldwide distributors of roofing products, an electric vehicle manufacturer and a construction company


Manufacturing, Automotive & Mining


Using our integrated logistics solutions to streamline processes and efficient data utilisation

  • Maximising value from supply chains in record time, driving efficiencies and savings
  • Developing and improving customer networks to meet growth objectives
  • Providing real-time data for more accurate decision-making

As a market leader in our field, Kuehne+Nagel is no stranger to 4PL. In fact, our credentials in this space have been well established for over 20 years. 

On behalf of our global customers, we design and develop network infrastructures, negotiate, on-board and manage carriers and forwarders, provide logistics planning and business continuity and disaster recovery planning and provide management reporting, including defining KPIs and strategy development.  This gives our customers’ complete visibility of their supply chain, maximising its value.

What’s involved?

In order for us to deliver all of this, it’s vital to have a broad network of suppliers that are reliable, professional and flexible.  Added to this, are our wide-ranging capabilities. We call this our eco-system.  We believe it is exceptional by virtue of these four integral elements:

  • the best systems for your customers to receive meaningful real-time data and predictive analytics

  • our expertise and know-how in providing the best logistics partners globally

  • our IP and people, who are among the best in the world

  • Digital technologies to keep tabs on every part of the supply chain.

Data drives decisions

We know the importance of data to our customers’ businesses.  In 2020 we asked our customers about their priorities, what they wanted to change, what progress would look like and where they believed 4PL could benefit their business. 

It revealed the need for digital applications and data that would make a difference to their customer.  Everyone expects information in real-time, so accurate data is critical to meet customer expectations.

However, this can be hard to provide.  Every company in a supply chain will have different ways of handling and treating data.  And, a lot of company departments operate in siloes. 

Fortunately, Kuehne+Nagel found a way to circumvent these issues and created KN ControlTower to gather, interpret and use relevant data to make intelligent supply-chain-based decisions. 

It now offers our clients a way to generate value from its supply chain in 2-3 months against a system that might have previously taken an in-house logistics team up to 6 years to build.

And, what’s more, we operate on a basis of providing continuous improvements so that new processes, new technologies and systems are always evolving, to keep pace with change and replace any outmoded ways of working.

Achieving results for our customers

Kuehne+Nagel is helping numerous customers maximise value from their supply chains through integrated logistics. Rather than take years to build your own logistics capability in-house - as well as the IT capability that’s required to visualise it – using our expertise to manage this on your behalf, could be the answer.

Electric vehicles

On behalf of a British-American electric vehicle manufacturer that offers revolutionary vehicle design and production, we are finding a way to help them manage their in-plant logistics as they develop their US-based manufacturing operations. 

Pitch perfect

Since 2019, we have provided consultative services to one of the largest global manufacturers and distributors of flat and pitched-roofing and waterproofing solutions.  Next, we hope to provide them with full visibility of their supply chain, through rationalising their supplier base and optimising and standardising their logistics planning processes.

Digging deep

Kuehne+Nagel has been delivering supply chain solutions to a world-class manufacturer of construction and mining equipment for more than 10 years. It’s a contributing factor to their continued global market dominance.